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All American Asphalt Pavement Maintenance has been repairing asphalt pavement since 1992. Our crews complete 300 jobs a year. No job is too big or too small. We are home of the pothole patrol. We are experts at sealcoating, pavement marking, patchwork, crack repair, thermoplastic, & installation of signs.
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All American Asphalt is proud to serve Tallahassee and surrounding areas. We have been providing asphalt maintenance service since 1992 and provide a variety of services to maintain your pavement. These services include: sealcoating, pavement marking, signage, crack repair, pothole repair, thermoplastic, & asphalt overlays. All our employees have been trained by factory certified representatives to ensure you receive the best quality work. We only use only top of the line equipment and premium materials.

We take great care when sealcoating your parking lot. We apply 2 coats of premium sealer with a minimum of 3lbs sand per gallon. We add additives to help suspend the sand in the sealer mix and to help the sealer cure faster.

We repair your cracks by using a heat lance and hot crack filler. The heat lance heats the cracks to 3000 degrees, melting the edges and drying out the crack. We follow up with an oil jacket crack machine. The machine heats the material to the desired temperature of 375 degrees without over heating the material. Material that has been over heated will not stick to the asphalt.

When potholes are present we always saw cut onto a square or rectangle. The old asphalt is removed, the base is dug down, & stabilized. Asphalt glue (tack) is put on the edges, the hole is filled with 2" of new asphalt, & compacted.

We have a large inventory of signs in stock. We can bring your parking lot up to code with new handicap signs, stop signs, pedestrian sign, etc. We also offer custom made signs in a variety of sizes.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Estimates are always free. We serve Tallahassee, Wakulla, Lake City, Live Oak, Valdosta, Thomasville, Moultrie, Albany, & surrounding areas.

We Specialize in:

• Asphalt Seal Coating
• Asphalt Repair
• Asphalt "hot mix" Crack Repair
• Parking Area Markings
• Parking Area & Street Signage
• Handicap Zones
• Speed Bumps & Water Deterants
• Parking Lot Striping
Patch Work
• Crack filling
• Tthermoplastic

.Licensed & Insured
Family Owned & Operated
Serving Tallahassee and Surrounding Areas

Call today for a free estimate
Cell ~ 1-850-556-0252

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